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Instead of what elements should be included on a good website or blog, I will mention them in this article that you should avoid. The information of 'Do not' is equally important as 'what to do.' These are web tech or trends that should have ended so far.
Counters, random layouts, running sentences, flash intro, background music, more social media buttons, annoying popups, forcibly animated objects, swirling globs, calendars or watches in the sidebar, etc., even today, counting the number of readers. You will find it on many websites which is enough to tell its chronic state. There was a time when this fancy feature was called. The internet and site itself is a trend that continues with constant change and renewal. Many of these are used because of poor design, so many developers themselves lose their place.
If you want to create a good and readers friendly website, keep the following things in mind.
Avoid the following elements and facts in an excellent blog

1. Visitor Number

This so-called 'facility' has been running since ancient times. I am the reader number 15397 on your website, what should I take from this? You do not want to tell me anywhere that many people have come here before me and I made a lot of delays? And if you look at the figures, then a website specialist has a better option. One pixel of a website is essential, try to find out if some gadgets are practical. Do not work just filling space.
Avoid such and many absurd wizards like IP address, temperature (if you are a geologist, different thing), flagging flag, etc. which is unimportant. Ask yourself if the reader will benefit from this?

2. Flash Intro

Believe it, the flash intro or skip intro on the homepage harms as much as the poor Internet connection. It's like talking like this while speaking on the internet the reader knows to come straight at the point.
'Low-click and short-term' - Let's assume that any reader will want to read the information provided at least in the click and time. If they reach their destination to read and reach the page, such readers will immediately stop by pressing the 'close button.' Understand the time available to others and avoid unnecessary information and animation that takes longer.
3. With the choice of incomplete colors, the letters (Bevelled Text).
It should have been buried with 'Special Effect' Photoshop 7. But some top art experts will not let this go.

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